[ANN] glu 4.0.0-RC1 released

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[ANN] glu 4.0.0-RC1 released

I am very pleased to announce the release of glu 4.0.0 (RC1). Due to the large amount of changes that went into this release, I decided to call it 4.0.0 (instead of 3.5.0) and create an RC for people to give a try and provide feedback before releasing final 4.0.0 (there are a few cleanups that needs to happen)

The code is on a branch on github and will be pushed to master when final.

This is what the dashboard page now looks like

You can note how you can have many filters and the ability to remove them separately.

From the release notes:

What is new in 4.0.0 ?

4.0.0 contains a major redesign of the console with an easier to use interface and ability to create custom dashboards.

* Top navigation changes:

* added Agents tab which lists all the agents (nodes) with direct access to individual agents
renamed Plans into Deployments
* System tab is gone and has been replaced with a combination of the Model tab and the Plans subtab in the dashboard
* Model tab is now used to view the models previously loaded as well as load a new one
Fabric selection is now a drop down (same for filter shortcuts (All [product]))
* Dashboard is now customizable and a user can create different dashboards. The dashboard represents a table view of the delta. Both columns and rows can be customized:

* columns can be customized: ability to add/remove/move any column. Clicking on a column name does a ‘group by’ on the column and make it the first column (same functionality as the ‘group by checkbox’ from the previous version). What is rendered in the column is customizable, from the sort order to the grouping functionality (when using summary view)
* rows can be customized: you can add a filter to the model which essentially filters which row is displayed. Clicking on a value in a cell now adds a filter (this functionality existed with the difference that it was replacing instead of adding). You can of course remove a filter.
* to customize the dashboard, there is a new subtab for it: Customize (this gives you access to the raw json representation of the dashboard which you can then tweak, like moving columns around or adding/removing new ones)
* the first subtab on the dashboard allows you to quickly switch between your saved dashboards and also contains a very useful Save as New entry which allows you to save what you see as a new dashboard (so instead of tweaking the json, you can add filters and move columns around and then save it as a new dashboard which you can then tweak)

* Dashboard selection is now sticky which means if you move around and come back to the dashboard it will be in the same state. This is used for the Plans subtab of the dashboard which allows you to act on the delta: actions will be based on the filter currently set. If you want to act on the full system (old System tab), simply clear all filters.

* You can now give a name to your model and it will be displayed in addition to the SHA-1 (metadata.name)

* Downgraded security level for model manipulation (load/save) from ADMIN to RELEASE

* Clicking on the name of an agent in the dashboard table used to link to the agent. By default it now behaves like any other value: adding a filter. You can now access an agent using the Agents tab. If you want to revert to the previous behavior, use this configuration property: dashboardAgentLinksToAgent: true in console.defaults.

* Renamed console.defaults.model into console.defaults.shortcutFilters: this functionality is now a simple shortcut that allows to switch between various predefined filters (example of usage: changing zones, changing products, changing teams, etc...)

List of tickets

* Implemented glu-17: Feature Request: make console views navigation friendly (bookmarkable)
* Implemented glu-28: Feature Request: Add dates to the table at /console
* Implemented glu-104: Make dashboard customizable by user
* Fixed glu-105: Error count incorrect in glu dashboard
* Fixed glu-107: CSS and some js become inaccessible after a while
* Fixed glu-108: Key mistake in the summary section in the documentation

Check out glu!