[ANN] glu 5.4.2. released

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[ANN] glu 5.4.2. released

Hi guys

I have just released glu 5.4.2:

This release is a small bug fix release.

  • Fixed glu-257Allow to change the console server port in the setup phase
Here is the build info:

    "name": "glu",
    "version": "5.4.2",
    "scmUrl": "[hidden email]:pongasoft/glu.git",
    "scmCommitVersion": "0ca76a60215448786c7bd59315146a11f267ae21",
    "gradleVersion": "1.9",
    "jvm": "1.7.0_51 (Oracle Corporation 24.51-b03)",
    "os": "Mac OS X 10.9 x86_64",
    "buildTime": 1389990747755,
    "buildTimeString": "2014/01/17 10:32:27 HST"