[ANN] glu 5.5.0 released

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[ANN] glu 5.5.0 released


5.5.0 (2014/03/14)

New and noteworthy

  • Added ability to retrieve the audit log via a REST api

  • Added a concept of max parallel steps count in order to limit the parallelism of a given deployment on a per deployment basis.

    • A new text field (in order to input this value) has been added in the UI

      Max Parallel Steps Count
    • a new parameter has been added to the REST api.


    The ...leafExecutorService.fixedThreadPoolSize console property configuration allows you to limit the parallelism globally at the thread level (as soon as one step completes, another one will start). The new concept allows you to limit the parallelism for a given deployment by transforming a fully parallel plan into a sequential plan containing groups of parallel plans: only when the entire group is completed will the next one start.


  • Implemented glu-159Add audit log access to the REST api
  • Fixed glu-258wait for state does not wake up on forceChangeState
  • Implemented glu-260Implement “hybrid” plan