[ANN] glu 5.5.2 released

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[ANN] glu 5.5.2 released

Hi guys

I just released glu 5.5.2. It is also the first release I do from my brand new machine (rebuilt from scratch), so hopefully everything still works. Please report any issue right away :)

This release is a minor release which includes some improvements to the REST api (abort a plan, list and set static model) as well as a couple of bug fixes.


if you are using LDAP, make sure to check the migration steps for details.

  • Fixed glu-261Should be able to disable ldap in console
  • Fixed glu-264wrong install file generated during setup when multiple agents
  • Merged glu-267added more information about failed jobs in deployment logs (Thanks Subhan)
  • Merged glu-268handle unexpected output while setting JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS environment variable (Thanks Ady)
  • Implemented glu-269Add DELETE for /rest/v1/$fabric/plan/$planId/execution/$id
  • Implemented glu-271Add REST api to list and set (static) model