[ANN] glu 5.5.6 released

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[ANN] glu 5.5.6 released

Hi guys

I had some unreleased work that I decided to release prior to tackling the Java 8 effort. Here are the release notes:

5.5.6 (2015/04/30)


Download the latest version of glu

Download glu latest release from Bintray.

This release includes the following:

  • Explicitly track the user who changes the static model (and when it is changed). This information was already available in the Audit Log, but it is now part of the data recorded directly in the domain object DbSystemModel andDbCurrentSystem. This data is now displayed in the UI as well as returned in REST calls (as HTTP headers). Note that past data is not populated and will remain blank. Make sure to check the Migration Guide for some details on impact.
  • Tidy up some UI elements based on SkyHigh Networks feedback (part I).

List of tickets:

  • Implemented glu-287Tidy up UI (Part I)
  • Implemented glu-286Record who changed the model