Does --config-templates work with --glu-root? (5.2.0)

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Does --config-templates work with --glu-root? (5.2.0)

Am trying out the config templates, but having this issue.  My command and the what I get back looks like:

/opt/glu/org.linkedin.glu.packaging-all-5.2.0/bin/ -D  --glu-root /opt/glu/org.linkedin.glu.packaging-all-5.2.0 --config-templates "<default>"  ./my-meta-model.json.groovy
2013/09/13 07:23:35.744 INFO [SetupMain] Generating distributions
Enter the output directory [/opt/test/deployment]: ./test20

2013/09/13 07:23:40.307 ERROR [SetupMain] Unknown exception: /opt/deployment/--config-templates (No such file or directory)

I am running this from /opt/deployment - i.e. an empty/clean directory.  Glu is installed in the other referenced directory.  Does "<default>" not work in this scenario?