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Glu performance tuning

Hi Yan,

We are facing performance issue using the glu console in production and I was wondering if there are some known issues that we can address.

I'm already working on profiling and gc tuning and as part of that I was planning to use some of the following plugins to gather some info :
Profiler plugin :
App-info : ,
GrailsMelody :

We are using a mysql db and jdk 1.7 with the G1 garbage collector to run glu in production.

So, I was just wondering if there are some recommendations that we can follow to either gain insight into what is causing the slowness or to improve the performance. Do you have any information that might be useful?

Thank you!

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Re: Glu performance tuning

Can you describe the symptoms? How big is your system? (size of the model in terms of entries, number of users...).

One thing you can take a look at is the gc.log file in the console. In the past it has been mostly the issue and increasing the memory sized helped tremendously. Also since you use mysql, you may need indexes on some tables depending on the various sizes.

Besides those 2 obvious, it would help to know how the slowness manifest itself and when.

I remember there was a forum entry a while ago about tuning.