State of glu - October 2016 - PLEASE READ FIRST

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State of glu - October 2016 - PLEASE READ FIRST

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I have been meaning to write this message for a while now. I want to be honest with the community regarding where glu stands now and what its future looks like.

For various personal reasons, I have taken a "break" from glu releases over the past year. Looking back at the history I wanted to provide some numbers:

* the last time I released a new version of glu was June 2015.
* there has been 189 downloads of glu 5.6.1 in 1 year (bintray stats)
* there has been 6 threads in the glu forum since the beginning of 2016
* In May 2016, I started a new thread about the activity (or lack thereof) in the glu forum and got exactly 1 response.

It seems pretty clear that at this point, the active glu community I had hoped to build simply hasn't come to be.  I did my best to be responsive to community questions and input (even during my "release break"), but even when there was activity and interest, glu didn't gain significant traction.

The reality is I am not a user of glu. Without a community to drive its direction, I do not know how to steer it in a direction that makes sense. Technologies change very fast, and for glu in particular I believe that the explosion in cloud computing has significantly limited the target audience for a technology like glu.

I am very proud of glu as I think it is a very good piece of technology that solves a real life problem, so it is with sadness that I am officially ending my support for glu.

glu is and will remain an open source project. I have no intent to delete anything that is currently available, whether it be the source code (, most recent documentation ( or latest binaries ( glu can easily be forked and built in case there is a particular need for it.

I will still do my best to answer questions or help if I can, but I am not planning to do any further releases of glu in the future.

Best regards