glu 1.2.0 released

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glu 1.2.0 released

Hello everyone

I am pleased to announce that glu 1.2.0 is now available (in source form) @ (tag REL_1.2.0).

Quick introduction:
"glu is a deployment automation platform. It has been built and deployed at LinkedIn in early 2010 and then released as open source in November 2010. The goal is to be able to automate the deployment of any kind of applications accross many nodes. Although written in groovy/java, the type of applications that can be deployed through glu is not limited to java applications. glu is a platform and the way it was architected and designed allows you to pick and choose which part you want to use..."

You can check the following files:

and then look at the documentation in the docs folder.

Yan Pujante